What does the campaign for SVHS include?

  • Get the Home Field Advantage! is a community-driven campaign that is focused on raising $5.5 million to complete the stadium, track and field at Scotts Valley High School.


Why is this project needed?

  • Since Scotts Valley High School (SVHS) was built in 1999, students and their families have participated in a strong athletic program in a variety of settings. But due to the deficiencies of our outdoor athletic facilities, many SVHS teams have rarely enjoyed the opportunity to host games on their home turf.

  • The SVHS track is made of dirt, making it unusable for both practices and meets. To date, SVHS has not hosted a single home track meet.

  • The grass field at SVHS has perpetual drainage issues when it rains, leading to closures, cancellation of practices and relocation of home games.

  • Soccer and lacrosse teams are unable to regularly host all of their home games due to poor drainage.

  • Limited seating forces spectators to stand or sit on the ground during most home games.


What about the aquatic center?

  • There is community interest in the construction of an aquatic center for SVHS school, given that it does not have a pool. The Scotts Valley Sports Complex has been working to obtain the approvals, permits and plans necessary to move that project forward. However, this multi-step process will still take several years to navigate. Given that, the Scotts Valley Sports Complex decided to proceed with a targeted fundraising effort focused solely on the stadium, track and field to avoid further delay.


Who is Scotts Valley Sports Complex Committee?

  • The Scotts Valley Sports Complex (SVSC) is a committee of the Falcon Club, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, formed in 2014 by an optimistic group of volunteers.

  • SVSC members recognized the need for enhanced athletic facilities at the high school for students, as well as for the community at large.

  • Our group is currently focused on fundraising for the construction of a new track and field and the development of adjoining stadium seating.  


Why are private funds necessary?

  • SVUSD has faced considerable financial obstacles from the time its doors first opened.

  • Scotts Valley is one of the lowest funded school districts in the state of California.

  • While the high school places significant value on physical activity and athletics, they have been compelled to focus limited available funding to support academic excellence.

  • Funding for athletics is wholly dependent on the annual fundraising activities of the Falcon Club, a volunteer parent organization that contributes $250,000 annually to keep operations afloat for 14 sports and 19 teams.


Which sports and activities will the new stadium, track and field accommodate?

  • All events associated with track and field meets, including discuss, shot put, high/long/triple jump and pole vault. 

  • Football, lacrosse and soccer.

  • Bleachers will seat up to 2,500 spectators.


Will there be lights to play at night?

  • At this point, no lights are included in the plans.


What about endangered species?  The June Beetle affected the Middle School construction, will it affect this too?

  • There will be no impact on this construction due to environmental issues, including the beetle. The District has completed all of the required environmental impact studies and found no evidence of the presence of endangered species.  All reports, including additional in-depth surveys have been approved by the state. 


How will this benefit students?

  • Students have access to 16 different sports at SVHS. More than half of the students participate in at least one after school sport.

  • The new track and field will offer a safe, even playing surface for physical education classes and all SVHS sports teams throughout the year, rain or shine.

  • A top-notch, reliable on-campus facility will require less travel to both games and practices, reducing potential risk and liability.

  • Sports and organized athletics emphasize the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and personal development.


Who else will benefit?

  • Better stadium seating overlooking the track and field will make it easier for students, families and neighbors to watch games.

  • A SVHS home field frees up the fields and facilities used at other district schools.

  • A better track and field will benefit the community at large by provided adequate facilities for walking, running, etc.


How much will this project cost?

  • The cost of construction for the stadium, track and field is $5.5M.


What is the construction timeline?

  • Plans are currently under review with DSA (Division of the State Architect), with anticipated approval in June 2016. Estimated start date for construction is April 2017 with an estimated completion date of August 2017.

  • This timeline will hinge on fundraising success and possible bridge financing.


Why don’t we see things happening with the campaign?

  • Actually, there is quite a bit of work happening behind the scenes to build the foundation of the campaign.

  • As this is the biggest capital campaign conducted in the history of SV, SVSC hired a professional fundraising firm (underwritten by a generous donor) to guide the fundraising effort.

  • The organization’s approach recommends securing key, cornerstone donations first, which is what SVSC is focusing on now.

  • SVSC will provide regular updates to the public as the project moves forward.


How will the campaign impact fundraising activities of the Falcon Club?

  • SVSC is a committee under the Falcon Club, and as such, works hand in hand with the Falcon Club to ensure that all fundraising efforts are complementary.


What is the role of the Scotts Valley School District?

  • SVUSD is the agency of record for this project, and has extended its unanimous support.

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