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Stadium Rendering

Stadium Rendering

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Completion of the sports complex will transform the unfinished
high school into a campus our community will be proud of. 


Scotts Valley Sports Complex (SVSC) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit committee operating under the Scotts Valley High School Falcon Club, and is dedicated to raising funds to complete athletic facilities at Scotts Valley High School in Scotts Valley, CA. 


To create an environment in which every student and member of our community has the opportunity to explore their athletic interests, reach their fullest potential and develop the skills necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.


To build a complete stadium, track & field at SVHS for the students and community of Scotts Valley.




Since Scotts Valley High School was built in Santa Cruz County, California in 1999, students and their families have participated in a strong athletic program in a variety of settings. But due to the deficiencies of our outdoor athletic facilities, many SVHS teams have rarely enjoyed the opportunity to host games on their home turf.


From the beginning, SVHS coaches, administrators, teachers, parents and volunteers have been committed to providing students with opportunities to realize their full potential. Not only has SVHS been given ongoing recognition for academics and athletics, they have also exceeded these standards by many measures. Nevertheless, their efforts can neither address the physical limitations of our athletic facilities, nor compensate for the absence of available public funding to make critical improvements.


The Scotts Valley Sports Complex is a committee and project of the Falcon Club, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and was formed in 2014 by an enthusiastic, optimistic group of volunteers. We recognize the necessity of enhanced athletic facilities at the high school and the need for the local community to provide quality of life for its residents and shape its own future. Our group is currently focused on fundraising for the construction of a new track and field and the development of adjoining stadium seating.


The Scotts Valley Sports Complex has the full support of SVHS administration, the Falcon Club and the endorsement of the Scotts Valley Unified School District Board.



We prepare our students for the future by inspiring them to be dedicated learners, effective communicators and global citizens. We also want them to be active and healthy, and the quality of our athletic programs and facilities is paramount to that aim.     

 ~ Valerie Bariteau, SVHS Principal

Scotts Valley High School is recognized statewide for the excellence of its teachers, students and programs.  However, the current sports facilities are an eyesore and a hazard, and don’t match the quality of the school.  Providing a first class sports complex will complete the original vision of the high school, and be a benefit to our kids and our entire community.

 -Derek Timm- President SVEF




The home field advantage is a universal concept in sports. At home, the team benefits from the aura of fervent spectators, the absence of tiring travel, and the familiar, beloved arena that bolsters competition. It’s time for the athletic offerings at SVHS to rise to a level befitting our academic standards and the spirit of our school. The Scotts Valley Sports Complex committee has launched a fundraising  campaign to do just that. The fundraising goal is $5.5 million.


The cost of construction is $5.5 million. Once funds have been raised, construction will begin. This project will include the following features:

  • Turf playing field that will withstand year-round high usage

  • All-weather rubberized track

  • Features to accommodate all track and field competitive events, including shot put, discus, pole vault, high jump and long/triple jump

  • 2,500-seat bleachers for both home and visiting spectators located on both sides of the field

  • Press Box, located at the top of the bleachers, to accommodate time clock operators, announcers, film crews and home team coordinators


  • Outbuildings for ticket sales, food and beverage vending

  • Storage facilities for use by our teams

Timeline: The target date is May 2017 to begin, with estimated completion by August 2017.



The successful completion of the SVHS Stadium, Track and Field means numerous widespread benefits for the health and well-being of students, their families and the community: 

  • The new track and field will offer a safe, even playing surface for physical education classes and all SVHS sports teams throughout the year, rain or shine.

  • A top-notch, reliable on-campus facility will require less travel to both games and practices, reducing potential risk and liability.

  • Better stadium seating overlooking the track and field will make it easier for students, families and neighbors to watch games. Greater attendance means more funding for the Falcon Club, which funds uniforms and stipends for all coaches and officials.

  • Improved facilities will stimulate increased enrollment at Scotts Valley High School (which has the capacity to serve another 150 students), boosting revenues and resulting in more funding for academics, athletics and technology.

  • A SVHS home field frees up the fields and facilities used at other district schools.

Research shows that people who play high school sports get better jobs, with better pay.
Benefits that last a lifetime. 
– Kevin Kniffin, The New York Times - October 22, 2014
After watching my daughter’s games for years while sitting in the dirt with many other parents, I knew I had to get involved. All of the other local schools have functional and beautiful facilities. It’s time we had them too.

~Scott Sutter, Donor and Campaign Steering Committee Member


Scotts Valley High School has built an exceptional athletics program with under-developed fields and an unusable track. Our students and families have endured their fair share of consequences, including many cancelled or relocated events. It’s time to take matters into our own hands and resolve this issue for our community. 

~Julia Blanton, Donor and Campaign Steering Committee Member

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The following members of the Scotts Valley Community are leading this fundraising effort. 

Scotts Valley High School

Valerie Bariteau, Principal

Michael Hanson, Vice Principal

Louie Walters, Athletic Director

Mike Smith, Facilities Manager


Scotts Valley High School Falcon Club

Denise Hitzeman, President

Linda Benko, Treasurer


Scotts Valley Sports Complex

Corbett Wright, Co-Chair

Allison Niday, Co-Chair

Tim Emanuelson, Treasurer


Scotts Valley Sports Complex Campaign Steering Committee:

Julia Blanton

Corbett Wright

Dave Conte

Tim Emanuelson

Stephen Hoversten

Bobby Kilpatrick

Marnie MacMillan

Jim Murray

Allison Niday

Scott Sutter


Our team wishes to acknowledge and thank the many volunteers who generously contribute their time, talent, passion and resources to this ongoing effort.


Get Involved! Please provide your contact information below and we will be in contact with you soon!

Scotts Valley Sports Complex

PO Box  66795

Scotts Valley, CA 95067

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Dear Scotts Valley School Board,


The proposed construction of an all-weather track and field at Scotts Valley High School is of great personal interest to me, and something that I feel is long overdue.  As I finish up my fourth year as a varsity athlete at Stanford, and after achieving six-time NCAA All-American status in Cross Country and Track & Field, I often reflect on the amazing support I received at Scotts Valley High School in getting my competitive running career off the ground.  Obviously, the sport of track & field is near and dear to my heart, but I truly want the best for Scotts Valley High School because of how much the school (and the broader Scotts Valley community) gave to me. 

I believe that there is a direct correlation between students’ involvement in athletics and success in academics.  Running has taught me the invaluable lesson of setting objective goals that seem daunting at first, and then of focusing on the daily process of getting just a little bit better each day until eventually reaching those goals, though it may take months or even years.  That is, when anyone truly challenges themselves, the end goal can seem nearly impossible at first, and I have learned that challenging both my own and others’ assumptions is key to reaching my potential.  This directly applies to achieving excellence in academics and to being able to innovate in this day and age.

I believe that an all-weather track and field will help foster a motivating environment for Scotts Valley athletics.  I can remember many rainy days when we couldn’t use the track, so kids wouldn’t bother showing up to practice. Another positive impact of having an all-weather track and field is that the entire track team would be able to practice at the same location.  While I was at Scotts Valley High, the sprinters and hurdlers had to commute to SLV at least three times per week in order to practice because their events specifically require the lanes and the surface of an all-weather track.  From my experience at Stanford, having the entire team practicing at the same place each day makes the team more cohesive and fun.  Additionally, Track & Field is one of the few sports that any student can participate in because there are no tryouts and no limits on team size.  If Scotts Valley had a first class facility and a more fun, cohesive team, more students would undoubtedly want to join.  In turn, more students would learn the importance of physical fitness, and have the opportunity to learn the invaluable life lessons that I gained from the sport.  Finally, Scotts Valley High would be able to host more sporting events at their facility, which is another incentive for kids to join sports teams, and which would help bring the entire community together in support of the events. 

The investment in the project has unlimited payoffs, and I have just covered a few specifically related to my experience and expertise.  It is time that the school’s track and field facilities be brought up to par with those of other high schools in the county, so that Scotts Valley High can continue to set new standards of excellence in both academics and athletics—because I believe that the two go hand-in-hand.  Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and I look forward to seeing an all-weather track and field at Scotts Valley High School!




Vanessa Fraser

SVHS Class of 2013

The community of Scotts Valley would benefit in numerous ways with the construction of an all weather track, field and aquatic center.  This facility would help children and adults of all ages engage in a variety of healthy activities.  It is well known that communities that have such complexes have well being as a top priority.  As a former principal of Scotts Valley High School and the president of the Wharf to Wharf RaceI heartily endorse the building of the Scotts Valley High School Sports Complex.

-Ken Thomas - Principal of SVHS 2002-2004


The Scotts Valley Sports Complex will help everybody, not just the student-athletes who will gain a competitive edge, but also the student body themselves and the entire community.  Over the years it’s been hard to maintain the track and field, leading to teams’ disappointment as they’ve had to avoid flooded or damaged parts of the field and track.  It would be an awesome achievement for the community of Scotts Valley and its many friends to come together in support of the Scotts Valley Sports Complex.

-Robbie Erlin, SVHS Class of 2009, SVHS baseball MVP, Pitcher for the San Diego Padres

In the past 5 years we have played 100 games and we were only able to host 6 home games due to the condition of the fields. Since we are a winter sport and due to wet weather conditions, our  teams have to hold practices in the school's parking lots and tennis courts. Having a sports complex would promote team/ student spirit and a safe environment to practice and play in.

-Art Munoz, Varsity Soccer Coach

This complex is the final piece Scotts Valley High needs to achieve utmost athletic excellence.  The students, coaches, and the culture of the track & field/cross country teams have developed over the last 7 years to reflect an incredible high school program, but it is time that the facilities match that standard.   It will allow the program to continue to grow to be able to compete with any school in California.

-Vanessa Fraser, SVHS Class of 2013, 2011 & 2012 CIF Division IV Cross Country State Champion, Stanford University Track & Field/ Cross Country Class of 2017

The Scotts Valley Sports Complex is vital to the continued growth and identity of Scotts Valley. We support the development and safety of our young students and athletes, and give our full endorsement to this project. 

-Joe and Gina Nedney

From an early age, my involvement in track and field positively shaped my life and taught me lessons in discipline, hard work, and perseverance. The prospect of more students being exposed to these opportunities is something that resonates deeply with me. A new track would mean more students would have the chance to participate in a competitive sport while positively representing SVHS. The ability to practice in our own town coupled with the honor that comes with competing on your home field is an experience that students and families of SVHS will be able to cherish for years to come.

-Hayley Huxtable, SVHS Class of 2007, SCCAL Record in 100 meters and 200 meters, UC Berkeley, Scotts Valley Hall of Fame

Robbie Erlin

As a new resident and parent of two Scotts Valley students, it was apparent to me that I could best engage my community and neighbors by becoming involved in a community-based, grassroots effort to improve the lives of our students and families.  This project offers us that opportunity for involvement while offering our students the facilities and experience that will improve the entire community by providing facilities and infrastructure that improve our lives.  I haven’t found a more idealistic, cost effective way to positively affect the future of our community than the SVSC.

-Jim Murray, Donor and Campaign Steering Committee Member

I grew up in Scotts Valley and ran track locally and then continued to run in college where I met my husband, also a runner. Now, we are both back and invested in our track program – giving back to a sport that gave each of us so much. The Scotts Valley Sports Complex would be formative for both our athletes and our community – building on an already amazing program.  This complex would give our athletes a place to train and our community a place to gather and celebrate excellence.

-Shama Factor Ball, SVHS Track and Field Coach

Thank you to our generous supporters for bringing the SVSC vision to life!

Executive Sponsor

Vanessa Fraser

© 2015 Scotts Valley Sports Complex

Hayley Huxtable